We are brought up to believe…it gets imprinted on our brain

that perfection is an ideal to strive for…but one we often can’t attain.


Then one day we become a little wiser and begin to think a different way

We see our life is filled with perfect moments

perfect nights

and perfect days.


Yes, once we have matured

once we grow a little older

we realize the idea of perfection…

is in the eye of the beholder.


This means we don’t have to see eye to eye 

our planets don’t need to align…

for you are free to find your own perfection

and I’m free to find mine.


Perhaps this is how it’s meant to be

the way the creator designed it

That perfection be more personal…more private

and it’s up to us to find it.


Which means…much to our amazement…

to our wonder…and surprise

we can to see perfection once we open up our eyes.


What makes this all the more special

is…no matter who we are

If we want to find perfection

We don’t have to travel very far.

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