As I watched her perch upon a flower then quickly flutter by

I was reminded of the lessons I have learned from watching butterflies.


I’ve learned that change is not a bad thing…butterflies have taught me this

for every day we are alive is a metamorphosis.


I’ve learned that looks can be deceiving…for butterflies silently shout

how there is beauty inside each of us just waiting to get out.


I’ve learned there must be a higher power…

as I’ve watched butterflies who’ve found a way

to pause every now and then, to fold their wings and pray.


Butterflies have taught me time is short…

which means from the moment our wings unfurl…

we should do our best…to add beauty to the world.


Finally butterflies have taught me to find wonder in the tiniest of things

for what else is a butterfly but a flower that’s grown wings.


I will never stop watching butterflies…to them I shall always return…

for they have so much more to teach…and I…so much more to learn.

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