Sometimes I wonder if I project my own feelings too much

onto the wind, the clouds, and the bees…

If I have a special relationship with the birds, the flowers and the trees?


When a bird is sining her morning song and I hear that melody

could it be that she’s just singing…or is she singing just to me?


When I walk by a flower in full bloom…though she’s meant for the whole world to see

in that moment I walk by her…does she stand a little taller…just for me?


As I work my way from branch to branch…climbing to the top of a tree

does she make it this easy for everyone to climb…

or does she make a little easier just for me.


Sometimes I wonder when it comes to birds, the flowers and the trees

If as humans we are more alike than we are apart…

I wonder if every flower has a brain

every bird a soul

and if every tree has a heart.


We are brought up to believe this is foolishness

It’s an impossibility…we have been taught…

but projection or not when I am with them 

it’s hard to believe…they do not.

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