He followed the same routine…the same ritual every night

A goodnight kiss 

an ‘I love you’ 

then a thank you before turning off the light.


In the morning…the same routine he followed in the night

a good morning kiss, 

an I love you 

then a thank you after turning on the light.


One day she asked him, “The way you say good night and good morning is something I adore

I understand the kiss 

and the I love you…

but what are you thanking me for?”


His cheeks began to redden and a smile crossed his face

then he took her hand in his with a kind of elegance and grace.


In the evening I am thankful for another day to look back on with you

and in the morning I am thankful for another day to look forward to.


Now it was her turn to smile as she became aware

from that moment on in their marriage it’s a routine they would share.

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