She finds a quiet beauty walking in the shadows of the moon

as she listens to the crickets with the possums and raccoons.


She greets an occasional rabbit as she wonders what the day will bring

and she listens for that first bird who calls the other birds to sing.


When the air is still she notices the shadows are rigid in their stance

but when the wind is present…they begin to sway…then they begin to dance.


As she watches the shadows dancing to their early morning song

She remembers a time when she was younger…when she used to dance along.


So as the shadows begin to boogie with the birds now singing to enhance

for a moment she is young again…and she joins them in the dance……


And she smiles as she remembers how shadows don’t seem to care

If she moves like an old lady…or dances like Fred Astaire.


So they dance together…the shadows and her

both haphazard…undisciplined 

She….guided by her memories

the shadows…guided by the wind.


And when the dance is over

the shadows bow to her with dignity and grace…

and she walks away to begin her day

with a smile on my face. 

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