When you stop and think about it…when all is said and done

There is a reason, when we count our blessings, we always start with 1.


One sun floats above us filling our day with light

and as we fall sleep one moon illuminates our night.


One drop of water begins an ocean…a river or the sea.

A garden begins with one flower…a forest with one tree.


Our life begins with one breath…one speck of dirt begins the land.

All the beaches of the world begin with one tiny grain of sand.


And when it comes to counting…I would not want to miss

how a friendship can begin with one smile…

or love…one touch….one kiss


We have but one life to live…one heart, one mind…one soul

so as we’re counting blessings…perhaps it should be our goal


to keep in mind that remarkable…that beautiful number 1…

The origin…

the genesis…

where every blessing has begun.

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