He was known as a rough rider and a big game hunter to boot

but he’s probably more famous for the bear he didn’t shoot.


When his companions tied one to a tree

Teddy Roosevelt thought it would be unfair…

unsportsmanlike to shoot it

hence…we have the Teddy bear.


Hoping to give children something to do during this virus

a friend in South Carolina came up with a great stunt…

She asked her neighbors to put a Teddy Bear in their windows

and then send the children on a hunt.


When the family goes out for a walk

to ease their boredom…to get some air…

they could bring along a camera and take pictures of all the Teddy Bears.


Her neighbors deemed it a great idea

a way for families to get some exercise and alleviate some cares

while their children…cameras at the ready

would hunt then shoot some Teddy Bears.


So in honor of a great idea…children of our neighborhood be aware

hiding, looking out our window…you will see a Teddy Bear.


If all our neighbors who have Teddy Bears put them in their windows

this could be a wonderful game…

and imagine if neighborhoods all over the county

Followed suit…and did the same.


A Teddy Bear in every window? 

from sea to shining sea?

Could make a lot of cooped up children happy…

I imagine Teddy Roosevelt would agree

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