We are all created with the propensity for good and evil

These are not traits we can refuse

But it is up to us in any situation…as to which one of these we choose


We can allow our words to fly on the wings of love

creating stories filled with beauty and mystery

We can express our feelings with tenderness in a few lines of poetry.


Or we can allow our words to escape on the wings of anger

meaning many of these words we create

will be spoken in haste and fury

and will be tinged with hostility and hate.


We can use our voices to sing beautiful melodies

that gently flow into our ears

Or we can scream obscenities, call each other names

and let our voices cause panic and fear.


We can allow our hands and fingers to make beautiful art

or compose the most harmonious of scores

We can pat someone on the back, caress a loved one

and offer open arms to the less fortunate and poor.


Or we can ball up our hand into a fist

fighting with others and causing all strife…

We can let our hands grasp the handle of a rifle or a gun

and in anger put an end to another person’s life…


Perhaps the best thing to we can do…

before we begin to soothe…or attack

Is to remember…once our words are spoken

Once our actions are taken…

We can never take them back.

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