I saw Judy Collins in concert last night…

her melodies once again soaring to the stars

proving angels never lose their voice…

no matter how old they are. 


And I remember thinking to myself

As she, smiling, took the stage

how I listened to her when we were both younger

before our youth was replaced by age.


There came  time…I think it was late in the show

but I really can’t be certain

when she set down her guitar

sat at the piano

and a lone spotlight threw her silhouette upon the curtain.


And I remember being overwhelmed

not only with her presence on the stage

but with the fact…when you stop and look

a silhouette doesn’t age.


And I smiled as I sat there

it’s a moment I’ll never forget

as an older Judy Collins

sang with her younger silhouette.


And I felt blessed to have seen her from both sides now

from young…and old…and still somehow

this is the illusion I’ll recall

how her silhouette showed no age…at all.


And though she’s 80 years old now

a fact time won’t let us forget…

to me she’ll always be…

and sound


like her younger silhouette.

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