Watching a sunset the other night accompanied by a cool Atlantic breeze

I remembered something my granddaughter once said…

and I got down on my knees.


We were also watching a sunset when I heard, “PopPop pick me up.” 

her reasoning was clear

“I want to see what you see…everything looks different from down here.”


I guess I hadn’t thought much about it ’til then…

I wasn’t as introspective

but she was right…

so much of how we see life has to do with our perspective…


When we look out on the world what we see is the sum

of who we are, of what we know…and where we’re looking from.


Our shared view of that sunset was different for her than it was for me

mine was colored by age, experience and time…

hers was more innocent and free.


When I picked her up, here eyes widened and she whispered in my ear,

“I can’t believe how beautiful the sun looks from up here”.


And I whispered back, “I only hope from wherever you may stand

as you grow up, your view of the world, will always be this grand”.


And as for me I hope that childhood innocence is something I’ll never lose…

as I try to experience what the world looks like from a myriad of views


Which is why when I stand watching a sunset these days…

in the cool of an evening breeze

and I remember something my granddaughter said…


I get down on my knees

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