I love to listen to the rain. I love to feel it, to smell it, to stand in it a while

I am not ashamed to say…I am a pluviophile.


I love to sit on the porch and watch and listen as the raindrops fall

sometimes they can come down loud…other times they make no sound at all.


I love watching the rain advance in the middle of the day

with the thunder announcing its visit and lightning showing the way.


But there is something about a night rain…the one I cannot see

that stirs my imagination and fuels my fantasy.


The night rain comes as a surprise…completely unexpected

It softly tiptoes in, surreptitiously…undetected.


At first I think it is the wind…for the wind and rain share a melody

and in the darkness of the night…neither can I see.


So I step out on the porch and by then it’s very plain

It wasn’t just the wind….as I’m greeted by the rain.


Then off in the distance I hear a sound I hadn’t heard before

as the thunder muted by the night whispers instead of roars.


Then I see the lightning blink…across the sky I see it splash

and I smile thinking even God when he’s taking pictures knows at night to use a flash.


And for a while I am happy to sit and listen to the night sky weep

but eventually I head to bed and let the rain serenade my sleep.


With the hope that in the morning memories of my dreams will still remain 


for are there any better dreams than those inspired by the rain?

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