She’s no longer here…but I like to keep her near

because that’s what children do

So when I have the time…sometimes in poem…sometimes in rhyme

I like to relive a memory…or two


Like how she always found a way…at least a little every day

to be patient, kind-hearted…nice

How all the time that she was living she could be so darn forgiving

How she lived a life of love and sacrifice.


Like how she loved to read a book…boy how she could cook

How she was not afraid to weep

how she would at no time partake of that final piece of cake

and I always wondered…when did she find the time to sleep?


How she jumped at every chance…to sing, to laugh to dance

If there was a stain upon on the floor then she would clean it.

How when I’d berate her…or told her how I hate her

She knew deep in her heart…I didn’t mean it


How she bought my new clothes first…I never reimbursed

yet, somehow, she was never out of style

And what about those nights…when I’d wake up in a fright

how she could erase a bad dream with just her smile.


She treated my friends old or new like they were family too

She seemed to make the whole world bright

And when things started to look bad…when I was hurting…feeling sad

She brought color to my world of black and white.


How her impact never died…she continues today to guide

my heart, my soul, my world and how I view it.

I hope she understood there were…so many times that I looked up to her

but in my heart and soul…I’m pretty sure she knew it.


Despite the fact she’s gone…I could go on and on

and I will when I am by myself…alone

But I’m sure each one of you have your remembrances too


so I’ll leave room now…for memories of your own:

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