A funny thing happened…it made our hearts skip

as we sat and reviewed pictures from our latest camping trip. 


We smiled at each nature picture remembering how we communed

but when one particular photo popped up…the two of us immediately swooned….


It wasn’t the photo of the sun peeking through the trees

or that little deer print we found in the dirt?

No…the one photo that elicited the biggest response

was that brownie we had for dessert.


To be fair that brownie was warm and chewy and delicious

It’s the best one we’ve ever had….north or south

You could smell the warmth of the chocolate as you raised up your fork

and it, literally, melted right in your mouth.


And I wondered what would create such a reaction?

Why would this one brownie cause such a fuss?

Could it be when it came to our latest adventure…

it was more than a brownie to us.


We ate that brownie together…

though at the moment it went undeclared

Perhaps seeing it later symbolized in our hearts 

everything about our trip that we shared.


In that brownie was a taste of the sunrise, the feel of the water so wet,

a hint of the deer peeking out of the grass, a mouthful of a lovely sunset…


That brownie was proof that what the ancients say is true

and not merely an illusion…or myth

That all things in life are more beautiful 

when you have someone to share them all with…


Perhaps you are thinking I’ve lost my mind

that attaching so much emotion to a desert is bad form…

Sure, it’s possible a desert is just a desert…

but…did I mention


that brownie…was warm.

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