He loves to walk inside his old house when everyone’s asleep

When the world around is so quiet you cannot hear a peep.


For in the quietude of slumber when the bats and fireflies thrive

is the time within the walls of his old house when memories come alive.


Memories of laughter and tears echo off the walls

Memories of his children and grandchildren echo down the halls.


Sometimes he stops to listen…sometimes…to different rooms he’s drawn

as he marvels at his old house…where his world has come and gone.


Today as he takes his final walk…

his children are grown…

his wife is gone

He packs up every memory…he knows it’s time for moving on.


He will take his memories with him but he knows some will linger in these walls

which he will gladly share with the new owners when another nighttime falls.


And he hopes as these new owners walk these halls when everyone’s asleep

when the world around is so quiet you cannot hear a peep


That he or she will stop and listen…smile…and be so kind


as to allow the new memories they are making to mix with those he leaves behind.

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