We see pictures of hungry, sad and poor people in the world…

and we question…how can this be?

We wait and hope someone will help them

perhaps their friends or family…


After all…If a member of our family or a friend was hungry

we would gladly share our food.

If their heart was broken or they were sad…

we would try to soothe their mood.


If a member of our family or a friend needed money

we would find a way to share

If they needed shoes to cover their feet…

we would gladly give them a pair.


If a member of our family or a friend had no home

we would try to ease their pain.
We would want to keep them safe and warm

we would offer them shelter from the rain. 


But…if we believe everyone is our brother or our sister

then doesn’t that make everyone we see…

every person in the world

a member of our family?


So instead of questioning how can this be

and waiting for someone else to help the hungry, sad and poor

Shouldn’t the more appropriate question be


What are we waiting for?

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