A woman stopped into the store last night and asked me a question I didn’t quite understand.

It wasn’t the question I had trouble with…it’s that she did her taking with her hands.


I felt bad I didn’t understand her…I tried to pick up what information that I could

Her sign language, I imagine, was perfect…mine…I’m sure isn’t so good.


So she tried speaking and signing at the same time…she had a question about a book

but between her hands and her lips…I couldn’t decide at which one to look.


Finally I looked into her eyes…smiled and said I have a plan

tell me again what you want…and I’ll listen as best as that I can.


I watched her lips and I listened…her speech was actually quite good

and when she finished I smiled and nodded…because I think I understood.


I took her to the book she wanted…and it made me feel nice

when I was able to answer her questions about the story and the price…


After buying the book and taking her bag…she was about to go on her way

when I said to her in my best sign language I hope you have a nice day…


I might have said have a nice year…or I love you….as I say my sign language isn’t so good

but she smiled, nodded her head and thanked me…so I think she understood.


I noticed she had a smile on her face as she waved to me….goodbye

and as I waved a goodbye back to her I noticed…so did I.


I guess kindness is universal…a language everyone can understand

Whether expressing it in English, 

In French 

In Spanish…


or if we’re talking with our hands.

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