One wonderful trait about being human is the ability to reminisce…

to remember people, places, things and moments

that have happened…that we miss.


Take our house for instance

its floors and walls and ceiling are lined 

with a myriad of memories our children left behind.


Floating in the air…they wait…and we would be remiss

If we didn’t stop and catch a few….

If we didn’t reminisce.


It’s like dipping our hand in the water as we float along a stream…

catching handfuls of our memories

times we laughed and loved and dreamed…


Today as we were cleaning out a drawer

we found a bookmark, that had years ago been misplaced

It was yellow…made of felt

with a little smile for a face.


A little yellow bookmark

picked out of the river flow…

A little yellow bookmark

made by tiny hands so long ago…


A little yellow bookmark…spanning a time continuum so vast

A little yellow bookmark…linking our present to our past…


A little yellow bookmark…

reminding us of a moment in time we miss…

marking that moment forever


every time we reminisce.

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