When I gaze up towards the heavens…when I pay attention to the sky

I’m glad I’m not a meteorologist…and here’s the reason why:


On our walk this morning we were treated to this wonderful surprise

as the infant rays of the morning sun…created streaks across the sky…


There was the slightest arching in these streaks…and not to simplify

but dappled with a hint of color they looked like rainbows in the sky. 


And I thought what a beautiful sight for anyone up early 

and lucky enough to see…

but if I were a meteorologist…

I might view it differently.


For I would know this time of day is aptly called twilight

(when the dawn acquires the morning from ebbing of the night)


And I would know the way her light scatters…is the scientific reason why

even though the sun is still set…I can see her rays across the sky.


And I would know as I see these rays adding hints of color to a canvas painted blue

it is diffusion of the light that gives them their pinkish hue…


But…since I am not a meteorologist…

since I don’t have a meteorologist’s eye…

I am perfectly happy seeing morning rainbows 

stretching across the sky.



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