Our first camping trips is over and as the last log in the campfire burned

I got to thinking about this adventure and wondering what I’ve learned.


I’ve learned while out in nature life moves at a slower pace,

how the smallest flower in the forest can bring a smile to my face.


I’ve learned to greet the moon each morning as she gently floats across the sky,

that there is pleasure to be found just watching butterflies.


I’ve learned to marvel at the artistry in a sky painted pink and blue

and how squirrels as well as mosquitoes enjoy their camping too.


I’ve learned how we are but a tiny part of this planet,

that there’s a multitude of diverse creatures living out there,

that this Earth is not here for us to take,

it is here for us to share.


I’ve learned how everything’s important

from the littlest sapling to the largest stone

and how the quiet of the morning has a beauty all it’s own.


I’ve learned that there is perfect symmetry 

between the blossoms and the weeds

and when a head bangs the corner of a camper window

how quickly it will bleed.


I’ve learned how easily people harmonize…

how a smile and kindness are the key

to bringing us together

as one big family.


I’ve learned that life moves ever forward,

how rapidly time flows

how years can pass like seconds…

how quickly grandchildren grow.


And as we hook our camper up for our next adventure

I’ve learned no matter where we roam

If we have people we love next to us…

and in our hearts

wherever we stop…

is home



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