Here’s a question facing people every day…It’s certainly nothing new…

What do we do when we’re confused…and we don’t know what to do?


What do we do when we’re stuck in the middle…after everything’s been said?

When the message we’re getting from our heart…is different than from our head?


We search and search for the answer…some diagram, blueprint or chart…

but there is no map for our head to follow that will help to guide our heart.


We are destined to sometimes follow our heads…

Trying to do what we think is smart.

while other times we ignore our head

and listen to our heart.


Sometimes our decisions work out just fine

and we end up as happy as can be

other times our decisions

ends up in catastrophe.


But anything’s better than being stuck in the middle…

between the nightfall and the dawn

because good or bad once the decision’s been made

we’re able to move on.


It’s true we don’t know where our head or heart will lead us

as we open that next door

but whatever path we finally choose

will make us better than before.




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