A little boy was sitting in his yard one day when what should happen by?

Happily flitting and flapping its wings…but a little butterfly.


The boy could not believe his eyes…for riding blissfully…

on the back of that little butterfly…was a little honeybee.


“Excuse me Mr. Butterfly.” The boy said innocently.

“Do you know that upon your back rides a little honeybee.”


The butterfly landed on a flower

Then spoke as she gently nodded her head…

“There’s no need for you to be concerned."

“And no need for alarm.” the honeybee said.


"Life is short.” the butterfly continued.

“About 12 months is all I’ll see”.

“And it’s even shorter,” buzzed her companion

“for me…the honeybee”.


“You see sometimes we tire flying from flower to flower

searching for the nectar they provide.

And when one of us is exhausted

The other one gives her a ride.”


“It is a beautiful relationship.”

The butterfly said giving the bee a wink…

“We find if we work together

There is so much more to drink.”


With that they feasted on the flower

then in a beautiful interplay

The butterfly hopped on the honeybees back

and they cheerfully flew away.



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