Michelle, a friend of mine who knows me well and who only wants what’s best for me,

recently shared a study done at Syracuse University.


The study is a blessing because its conclusions all were linking

the eating of anything chocolate with an increase in abstract thinking.


The study then goes on to relate-and to this I scream hallelujah and glory be-

eating chocolate, they have proven, increase ones memory.


This is phenomenal news at a time when we could all use some

but as wonderful as that news is…the best is yet to come.


The study goes on to conclude, something in my heart I already knew,

that eating cake for breakfast is actually good for you.


That eating cake for breakfast, once thought to be asinine,

could, indeed, be good for you…for your brain and your waistline.


So thank you Michelle, this news has changed my life, I owe you high acclaim…

because of your concern for me…breakfast will never be the same!


And thank you Syracuse University for proving eating cake for breakfast will not make me fat


I wonder…as long as your conducting studies…can I have ice cream with that?

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