Life’s a funny thing…you have certain expectations…fixed objectives

then something comes along…that changes your perspective.


Many years ago I had my heart set on receiving an award…

I was one expectant nominee

until I received a letter explaining how not everyone could win…

and not everyone…was me.


The moment I finished reading my rejection letter 

I received a call from an old friend, Lee.

Doctor’s found cancer in her husbands leg…

it had been amputated above the knee.


I drove immediately to the hospital (It was a scary, anxious ride)

where I found Phil in bed…he was smiling…and Lee seated by his side.


At that time, Phil and Lee were in their 80’s

I’d known them 15 years

We tried to make each other smile and laugh

and forget about our fears.


We talked about the life they’ve lived…of children, grandchildren…careers

and when it was time to go…Phil wanted to kiss…his wife of 60 years.


But he had trouble raising up and she was unstable on her feet

so with one gentle hug I pushed their heads together 

and allowed their lips to meet.


As we left Lee took my arm and when we finally reached her car.

She said, “Sometimes, in life, Jim, we tend to forget how fortunate we are.”


“We worry about so many little things,” she said as she got in to drive,

“but today, the only thing that matters is that Phil is still alive.”


I smiled, put my head in through the window then gave her cheek a kiss

and as I watched her drive away…alone…that award…I didn’t miss.


Perhaps that’s why I’m never too upset when life 

isn’t the way I’d like it to be…

It goes back to the day my perspective changed


In a hospital room…with Phil and Lee.

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