Our preamble begins with We the People.

Three words that still enthrall

as does the ending of our Pledge of Allegiance 

with liberty and justice for all.


The founders of our country 

placed enormous importance on the idea of liberty

and an equal amount of importance 

on the need for equality.


These were the two pillars that created our country

held up for all the world to see:

That everyone in America is equal… 

That everyone is free.


But as I look around our country

I’m saddened by what I see.

More people are talking about freedom 

and less about equality


They want to be free to intimidate, free to victimize,

Free to bully…to discriminate

Free to lie, deceive and cheat…

Free to scorn and curse and hate.


Free to put themselves above We the People

’Til it seems their point of view

is one of liberty for them

and justice for a few.


With our pillars crumbling America is leaning

and unless there is liberty and justice for all…

unless we give as much weight to equality as to freedom

I’m afraid she’s going to fall.