Our world is like a pendulum…and whenever sadness swings

It’s nice to take a moment…and think of happy things.


Rainbows, ladybugs, traveling….buying a magazine from an old newsstand

balloons, sunsets, picnics…walking barefoot in the sand.


Lunch with friends, a starry night…the beauty of a flower

walking in the rain, a picnic…singing in the shower.


Sharing a kiss or a hug or a touch…eating Apple Jacks…

smiling at a stranger…being delighted when they smile back.


Taking your dog for a walk, watching the ocean flow and ebb

Blowing bubbles, sitting in a rocking chair, reading…surfing the web.


Playing board games with the family…watching squirrels play tag among the trees,

The smell of a campfire burning…the gentleness of a summer breeze.


S’mores, pizza, chocolate covered peanuts…listening to your favorite song,

not caring who is watching as you dance or sing along.


Spending an afternoon in a museum, licking ice cream with your tongue

walking hand in hand down memory lane..remembering when you were young.


I could go on and on and believe me I surely will

because there are so many things in life that provide me with a thrill.


But I realize to be beneficial…what will set this poem apart…

Is if you, the reader, has a chance to express the joy within your heart.


So at this point I will stop my reverie…(no need for praise or thanks)

The remainder of this poem I leave unwritten…if you feel like it…

please…fill in the blanks…












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