I took a week-long class on photography…actually the whole week was a blur

as I learned about ISO, F-stops…exposures…zoom lenses and apertures.


Okay…perhaps most of that complicated information…I did not quite amass

but I’m proud to say at the end of the week…I did complete the class!


I knew my camera knowledge was sketchy when I first decided to go

but it took a class In photography to discover how much I didn’t know.


Still… we had a wonderful teacher 

who served as our photographical guide…

and we spent most of our time taking pictures 

in the North Carolina countryside.


I did pick up some camera facts…but mostly what I found

Is how taking pictures tends to slow you down…

it makes you stop and look around.


And when you slow yourself down (not only in photography)

You are amazed at all the beauty surrounding you

and the wonders you will see.


And you want to catch that wonder…before the light changes and it’s gone

So as you slowly walk and view the world…

you’re camera’s always on…


Because what I learned in my class…in my week of photography

Was how to capture a moment in time…for all eternity.


And if I can capture that moment…for friends and family to see…

Then I don’t have to be the best photographer in the world…

Just the best one I can be.


So after a week in my photography class…

I’m only a little better than when I walked in through the door…

but I am slowing down, I’m seeing the world differently…

and I’m taking pictures like never before..


Photography does have its rules and its guidelines

But when all is said and done…

The goal of photography, (this I also learned in class)


Is to take lots of pictures and have some fun

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