Why, I wonder, does it stir our soul…why is it difficult to find the words

to explain why we’re so happy…watching a baby elephant chasing birds…


Why do we love sitting in silence watching the wind tickle a field of grain…

or smiling with our arms outstretched as we stand out in the rain?


Why do we feel such wonder when we see a picture of a baby in the womb…

or while we watch a butterfly or a bee…as it flits from bloom to bloom?


Why do our hearts quicken listening as nature sings to us on a forest stroll?

Why does the melody of a babbling brook have the power to soothe our soul?


Why does the sight of the sun gently climbing a mountain in the morning cause as much delight

as watching the moon in all its fullness scale that same mountain in the night.


Why are the feelings waterfalls evoke, or stars…or watching clouds float by

enough to cause us to stop…to sigh…or bring a teardrop to our eye?


Perhaps we are harkened back to when we were young and the world was innocent and kind…

Perhaps we’re trying to hold on to a little of the innocence we left behind.


I hope we never tire of nature’s wonders…I hope we never find the words…


to explain these moments of happiness…like watching a baby elephant chasing birds.

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