On my walk this morning…I was thinking about my poem

when I got caught out in the rain…about halfway from my home.


Halfway from where I started…halfway yet to go…

so I kept on walking and before I knew it…I was soaked from head to toe.


You see, it was a humid morning…so the rain…I didn’t mind

in fact I had to smile as the shower snuck up from behind.


And, you see, it was still quite dark this morning…so about the rain…I didn’t whine

as it glistened in the streetlights…causing everything to shine.


And you see, the rain came quietly…so about it…I didn’t frown

as I walked in the silence of the morning…and watched it gently floating down.


When I reached home, I was dripping wet and as I started to open the door

I noticed it was still raining…so I decided to walk some more…


Because how many moments in your life…can you be entertained

by walking in the darkness…immersed in a morning rain?


And besides, if I didn’t get caught in the rain this morning…

halfway from my home

I would have missed the beauty of that moment…


and the inspiration for this poem.

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