I love discovering joy far away from fortune and fame…

Like last night, as the sun was setting, at a child’s softball game.


She struck out on three pitches…without ever swinging the bat.

She smiled all the way to the dugout…I mean, where’s the joy in that!


Next time up, she got a hit and that same smile crossed her face…

Same smile as she took off running and landed on first base.


She plays the field wearing that same smile…is this an evil plot?

Same smile when the ball is hit to her…whether she catches it or not.


She plays with joy when she does well…or if an error she may make.

She plays with joy when she is perfect…or when she makes mistakes.


I realized the joy she feels must be in her chromosomes…

allowing her to smile when she strikes out…or when she’s rounding third for home.


Yes, as I watched the game last night I suddenly became aware

Her joy wasn’t in how well she did…her joy was in being there.


And mine too, for once again far away from fortune and fame…


I was able to discover joy…at a child’s softball game.

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