What Humans Can Do

Humans are incredible...look at all we have achieved

In the evolution of our planet...it’s hard to be believed.


We watched the birds as they flapped their wings and soared across the sky

Then we created airplanes and taught ourselves to fly.


We watched the fish in our ocean and lakes, as across the surface they would skim

Then we jumped into the water and we taught ourselves to swim.


We watched them plunge to ocean depths from which we couldn’t survive

so we built submarines and scuba gear and we taught ourselves to dive.


We wondered about the heavens as we gazed up at the stars

so we built spaceships and satellites then sent them off to the Jupiter and Mars. 


We’ve created electricity and fire.

We learned how to read and write.

We have indoor plumbing.

Why...we’ve even created light!


We’ve created television, beer, computers and even fried Twinkies too.

It seems if humans put their minds to it...there’s nothing we can’t do...


So I wonder if it isn’t time...to take all our expertise

Put all our minds together...


and try creating Peace?

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