We Are Not Ready To Say Goodbye

It was about a year ago...we lost a friend to suicide.

How could we let that happen? It left us mystified.


She was a poet...a troubled soul

who lived in darkness...couldn’t see the light...

And I offer her this sad reminder

of the poems she’ll never write:


Her life was filled with sadness...too much agony and strife

Then, one day with no one looking, she ended her short life.


I’m sure she didn’t realize...the instant her life was done

With her sadness finally over...ours had just begun.


She was constantly pursued by demons, when awake and when she slept.

Engulfed by friends she endured the pain...alone...she often wept.


She’s gone now, perhaps a manifestation that life is more complicated than it seems?

I only hope she sleeps in peace...no longer hounded by her dreams.


And I implore anyone who’s depressed today...

remember you have friends and family nearby....

Willing to help in any way they can...


who are not ready say goodbye.

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