Et cetera

Hate life
Hate living
When will I be able to eat and be calm
Not worry bout tomorrow
Or what's to come


The stress of not knowing if ill have a home
Fuck all this
Sometimes feel like sliding my throat


Hanging myself to a rope
Then I won't have to worry bout
Paying rent or being alone


Said many times I won't mind being alone
Solitude is a lonely place
Where you'll never get heard


Cries for today
Already crying for tomorrow
Who the fuck made my destiny
With so much pain and sorrow


When u think about it
It could be worst
But damn at this point this seems like the worst


Thank you family for being there for me
Yes that's sarcasm
You guys are never there for me


Never wish bad upon nobody
Nor death nor pain upon nobody
Agree as a human it shouldn't be done
But some deserve it when its all said and done


Jehova forgive me for my thoughts
I know I should be stronger but just can't do it anymore
Heal the pain inside my soul
I admit I sin
And my pure heart beginning rust


I must not let it happen

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