Retirement home


There was an old retirement home just 3 miles outside of Boulder city. The big home looked like it was recently renovated, it was not just the typical boring nursing home, it was more like a 21st century one. Outside the home, there was an old man sitting at a chair, looking at the view. It looked like the man was somehow depressed, thinking about the many things that he did not accomplished in life. The old man´s wife was also at the retirement home, so the old man decided to go back in to spend some time with her. The man traveled down the hall to the room of his wife. She was lying in bed, reading a book. The room is small, two beds, two dressers and two nightstands in this room, the old man sat down next to his wife, the old man was sad, you could easily notice that the wife was ill. The couple began talking about their life and suddenly you could notice a smile in both of the couple´s faces. They were re-living the best moments of their lives, suddenly, the woman stops talking and the old man realizes that she stopped breathing. Sadly, the man goes to the nurses, but only to realize that it was to late and the old woman was dead. The old man spent hours crying in his room, realizing that he was not going to accomplish anything important or anything that he wanted to do if he stayed in the retirement home. Then, the old man, against his sons wishes, escaped the retirement home, he wanted to do the crazy things that life had to offer. Then, arriving at the bus station, he decided to buy a ticket to Colorado, he wanted to do one of the things that he did never accomplished, he wanted to reunite with his older son, they had had no contact over the last 12 years. Then the old man arrived into what it seemed to be, an expensive neighborhood, it seems to be that the son was a succesfull businessman, the old man, looking humble, nocked at the door. The door was open and a beautiful woman was standing in front of the old man. “What can I do for you?” said the woman. “I´m looking for Greg, is he here?” replied the old man, “Yes, wait a second”. The door closed and the old man began waiting. “What are you doing here, father?” said Greg just as he was opening the door. “I wanted to say I´m sorry, for everything that happened, even that is not my fault, my only fault is that i never came here before to make things right.” said the old man. The father and son began talking, you could see that the son began to distant from the family, he began to loose the sense of what life really is about and he was submerged in the material stuff, not caring about his family or anyone. “I´m very happy without you dad, and without anyone, I have a beautiful car, a great job, a great house, I don’t need you.” Said Greg. “This is exactly what is happening in your life. You are frantically looking for happiness all around, not knowing where it is. Our happiness lies in knowing who you are. It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” The son began crying, and the old man realized that he  finally found his son. The old man, after mking things right with his osn, finally revealed to him that he had cancer, and that he was going to be dead in one month, but that did not matter to him, because he had all of his business covered. One month after, the old man was dead, and the son and family were all present at the funeral, the son realized that everything that was around his life, was not what he wanted. So it was the time to prove his father that he could find happiness.


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