Jorge Lazo Daniela Garcia.

Daniela Garcia Jorge Lazo

Once upon before time ever existed, and everything was just a whole big moment, in a faraway land, so beautiful and diverse that the desserts, rain forests, and the tundra where all nearby, lived in a very tall oak tree a numerous owl family. But one misfortunate stormy day that the wind blew strong and the rain poured heavy on their feathers, a lighting strike this same tree and fell, leaving one tiny owl creature the only survivor.
Having no family and no one who took care of him, mother nature choose a variety of candidates to make up for little owls family.

First little owl was send to live with Mr. Eagle, Mr. Eagle was a also a bird like him, he could fly into the sky and dive and hunt, all the eagles had one very special talent, and was that of their sharp vision that could detect any movement from over 2 kilometers to the ground. Little owl had an incredible vision too, but only in the night, the sun rays made it difficult for him even to open his eyes, and as hard as he tried to opened them and as many books as he read to learn he just couldn’t be as the eagles, and realized could never be one of them, so he asked mother nature to relocate him with a different family.

This time little owl was sent to Mr. Bat`s family, bats where almost blind, and hunted only in the night, little owl liked this a lot, but there was a small detail that made little owl feel as he didn’t belong; bats ate mostly fruit.
Little owl, tried to like it at first, but he didn’t, and he suddenly realized this wasn’t the food meant for owl, and as hard as he tried to like it and as many books as he read to learn. He just couldn’t be like the bats, so he asked Mother Nature to relocate them with a different family.

Little owl was sent to Mr. rattlesnake`s family, rattlesnakes liked to hunt at night and they would have the same dish just as little owl wished, and as they hunted they would slide along the ground and make that hissing sound before attacking their prays. Little owl tried also to slide graciously in the ground and he shook and cried to make that hissing sound, but all that came out of his mouth was a hoot! hoot!, little owl felt like an outsider again so tried to hiss, but as hard as he tried and as many books he read to learn, he just could be like the snakes, so he again told mother nature to relocate him with a different family again.

Life went like this for little owl, as he went on and on with different families until he then became one smarty Mr. Owl. It was then that he realized he couldn’t be as the other animals, he was unique, he was meant to read books and be wise, so later on, life for Mr. Owl was so much easy, he became a teacher and spread his wisdom through the entire kingdom and all the animals came to him for advice on how to be better selves.

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