our retired explorer

just one more drink and then i

should be on my way home

i'm not enterely sure

what your talking about

i've had a really nice time

but my dogs need to be fed

i must say that in the right light

you look like shackleton

comment allez-vous ce soir?

je suis comme ci comme ça

yes, a penguin taught me

french back in antarctica

oh, i could show you the way

shadows colonize snow

ice breaking up on the bay

off the lassiter coast

light failing over the pole

as every longitude leads

up to your frost bitten feet

oh, you're very sweet

thank you for the flowers

and the book by derrida

but i must be getting back to

dear antarctica

say, do you have a ship and a dozen able men

that maybe you could lend me?

oh antarctica

oh antarctica

oh antarctica

oh antarctica

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