'11 Simple Love for a Son


Simple Love for a Son

Just a few more hours to go before the year is done
Days flew by without you again, I'm sure you had fun

I missed most of your life, missing your childhood adventures
Adventures a dad should not miss; a dad will forever treasure

There is no doubt you will surpass your daddy's height
Becoming very handsome, witty, and extremely bright

"Memories arise as I write once again for you, my son,
with every year, you grow and learn a sense of decorum."

There are no excuses to be missing days or months without you
Dad's should know and realize, hugs and kisses are long over due

Within an hour of the year ending soon
You called me, ending my year end blue

"If and when there's a time when a son needed their dad
everyday would be the answer, in case others should ask"

© David Joel Rodriguez

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