'11 Mystifying Edge


A Mystifying Edge

...Faced up, thinking about every image that happily flowed...

These conniving skies were the eyes of my dreary night.
Somewhat cloaked to void my soul on this magical delight.

Indefinite thoughts juggled their way every which a way.
What force drove this decision to make me think 'halfway?'

Just like most, most will not say a word about their doing
Like who or what gives a damn or how they're improving

The heart races everyday wondering who will except...
Who will slow down the antsy need of 'the needy duet'

...I face forward, thinking about the life I have ahead of me...

So, now that I was at the edge and close enough to see
The mist had disappeared so that I could face my reality

The edge taunts me as winds blow melodies in my ear
Mist lingers with rising gusts as my head begins to clear

Gradually, do I begin to appendage where I really am
But what can I do, when everywhere... is only a scam

...Then I faced down, nodding...thinking to give it another try...

I faced space, envisioning those I'd rather see by my side
Not even my End could flicker their appearance as I sigh

So, now that I was at the edge with enough edge to see
Where were my friends when I needed them next to me?

...Facing everywhere, eyes closed, "oh well what the hell..."

...My body remained, indulged in everyone's emptiness...
...My mind exampled, derailing off this cliff of sorrowfulness...

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