'11 Steak at the Stake


There! a young and distraught fragile boy
Still hiding underneath the skin of the world
He knows now from sources of his past
That opposites would date out of pity
Looks were never there In His mind anyway
Living his life in the pile of low self-esteem

But were there some who did love him...?

To this day he is still mentally mistreated
Muddled by those who pretend to know him
There are women who happen to stare him down
As if created by some earthly purulent sediment
Whatever he does or wherever he goes
No one will ever know or will even care
Besides, why would they know?
They don't even know or want to know him
Who are "they?"
"they" are the ones who saw him cry
leaving him alone without a word
ending him even after the tear would dry...

"I believe him to walk around with an empty heart.
Empty because no one showed him feelings to fill it up"
Flesh and blood would aid to anyone's aid, although
Drive a stake through him and nothing will flow...
What pain would he feel anyway?
He's a nobody who'll never amount to somebody
Just another particle, lost, flowing in the wind
A particle most likely to land on excrement...

The most popular word for this 'such a disgrace to the living,' is "weird,"

"That boy is weird.
How sad...
I guess I'll 'date' him
I'm lonely anyway..."

"Then, lets get rid of him
burn him more...
(I brought steaks)
we will take his ashes...
spread him across the landfill"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"My silence found a way to spread the word..."

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