'11 Petaled Shoulder


Except rainy days; none at last!
All for me and alone on the grass.

You wept and you wept;
at times you even slept.

Your place to be,
right next to me;
though, it was not me,
that you would see.

A perennial type I was;
overhearing the buzz;
filled with all kinds of fuss.

All through the year,
you released your fears;
nourished me with tears.

Night after lonely night;
sharing your cries...
Giving me sighs,
Under mackerel skies.

Wish I could ease your hurt;
soothing happiness I'd insert;
comforting your discomfort.

Your tears mauled my petals;
Your heart refuses to settle;
Always plucking out several...

A pretzel out of a plant?
Such feelings you decant?

"Ignored my pain...so my bud you rub?
Irresolute pain...now down to the nub?"

Clutched between your tips I was;
Twisted and yanked from my vase...

"I was alive; having blossomed cause of you;
I survived; yet died, due to your point of view"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lived through her pain and died by her pain.

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