'11 Destination


With deepest condolence, there is no word how one can describe ones passing...
On this day of mourn, memories will live close and be embraced with a blessing...

You had lived and witnessed all throughout what this life threw or decided to offer
You explored and conquered through exciting challenges of this life without falter

With countless hours of mind aching riddles and logic games from many books
You managed to transcend life by offering yourself to many volunteer groups

Magnificent histories of old cultures and heritages learning of how they passed...
Being presented with so much around, which One must thrive to discover a past...

Traveling the world meeting new people and visit all the impressive scenery
But nothing was quite as impressive as finding time to visit your loving family

May your steps of knowledge be absorbed and fill others with a heart like yours
May your spirit remain venturous before and after you enter those heavenly doors

Fading with every breath through your native flute, you comfort an unknown soul
An unknown soul which you voluntarily healed, in time, through a therapeutic role

May life's waters assist you with energy as they assisted gristmill machinery
May the "waters" we pour then raise in your honor, assist your scenic journey...

© David Joel Rodriguez

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In Memory of John Pelley

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