'11 Either Egos or I goes



'11 Either Egos or I goes 


There waits the horse in my dreams sipping from the lake

I, the once was an honored prince approach only to tame


I happened to have witnessed my movements from another

But I'm lost in my own world with scenery waving like water


Within moments do I realize my lonely life as I slowly wake

I glance my surroundings as this beautiful creature exclaims,


"Listen fool, as corrupted you've become, heed your slumber,

be wary of others comments or you may end up going under!"


Somewhat with a wry spoken tone he said, I said, "You snake,

...I am not heading towards corruption or what is it you claim!"


Hmm, such a vague conception coming from an exiled burgher

"Is that your outstanding observation which you've cyphered?"


My head kept itself together knowing that hate would formulate

Again, I felt time staring as if essence dignified my present state


I understood that I can't seem to make a mistake as a dreamer

and, as a heavy dreamer, I am too far to be a "snake charmer"


I understood I cant make an error of my own reality's sake

Then the silence of the creature shortly began to partake...


The stallion creature was a still life as mind switch had deter

Though my head provokes rattling swirls like a connoisseur...


A variety of rich assets of life, but only a few could simulate

An obsolete work of art in order to regain an adequate state


Decisions would arise a dream to reality for which side to nurture

Though not what you thought, a snake was defeated by an oyster


A chain reaction of cognitive stress began to take weight

A vibrant masquerade of symbols, virtues, and strength...


A static pendulum pulsates with a wavy visual modality to ensure

With every sound and aspiration, breathing out what must endure



©David Joel Rodriguez

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Help me save yourself"

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