'10 My Days Without C. J.


My Days Without C. J.

Time is almost passing me by, without you being by my side;
Another year and another birthday and always on my mind.
I hope that someday I get to pick you up again from school,
Like you have been asking and since wanted for me to do.

"I still remember that first time when I did go and pick you up;
I was able to see you from the line of cars with your eyes lit up.
You rushed to the backseat, directly asking for my cell Phone;
My seven year old, involved in technology? How you've grown."

Sometimes, I begin to wonder when I'll be seeing you again;
Thinking of your tight hugs, always being a different version.
I know that I do not call you alot because you are very busy,
Favoring your routine, being okay, because I am your Daddy.

Time is catching up to me, and all I really do, is think of you;
My mind aches without your affection, so it is quite overdue.
Some nights I can't sleep, so I listen to you on my voicemail;
Some Daddy I've become, not always there; where did I fail?

"I remember calling you while you were listening to your music;
I wasn't able to hear you well, but understood, even with static.
You said you would call me later because you were also playing;
To hear you say, 'love you bye, love you bye,' leaves me smiling."

Time has now caught up with me and you are still not beside me;
"My days of grief began the day 'two certain souls' did not agree."
But you opened my life, giving my stygian days vitality and grace,
Revitalizing my lost smile with your smile and a love to embrace.

© David Joel Rodriguez

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For My Little Potato, "Chrystian Joel Rodz."

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