'10 Relish Embellish


Relish Embellish

How many more times must I see you looking lavishly fresh
How many times must I keep myself from tasting your flesh
Your scent driving me wild enough to satisfy between your legs
Your scent making me hungry in the need of a challenge...so beg
Allow me to hold you closer so we can take advantage of this night
Please let me bind you as you squirm so I can enjoy your feisty delight
Many ways I want you to feel what will make your arms praise the sky
Many ways I want to gratify my eating desire starting off with your thigh
Jointly we stand as I rub my thumb on your bell pleasantly tilting your hips
The center of your whole I'll choose cause the flavor touched my drooling lips
Savoring your lips, a hand on your breast, as you slide away in awe flaming blasts
Ravishing your lips, absorbing your blessed breast, tenderizing every part of you at last
I really need to tell you as I please you that I love how you move creating a relationship
Now I must tell you as I devour you that I love how you move making this a tasty chop
Though sexual craves were my gifts for you because our hearts will always be forever true
I loved you so much I needed to please you, though to my luxuria, I really needed to eat you!

© David Joel Rodriguez

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