'09 Mine Made Up


Every now and then I wake up alone to darkness

As if I can't open my eyes to what I've been given

I am doing the best I can and the best I can give

No matter how hard I try, it isn't enough from me

Every piece of me I've surrendered, feeling drained

Every part of me gave up when my eyes leaked

I want to assist and harbor the one I truly love

I need to bypass what is holding me from warmth

Every now and then I do wake up in slight finesse

As to when I open my eyes, there lies my girlfriend

I do try to do the best I can and the best how I live

No matter how little I try, it IS enough for her to see

Every piece I've surrendered, I've felt much less afraid

Every part sinks in, knowing you're the one I seeked

I'm going to assist and harbor you when it gets tough

Bypass, knowing you're the one I'm going to be with

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