'09 DeVain Thyself


I really do become lost trying to find you

such benevolent thoughts of enchantments

What could it be that challenges me to you

What am I suppose to be looking for then?

Coming across scented fibers from the wind

Lingering in my mind establishing a vision

Facing up toward the sky with a discreet grin

closing my eyes, as my conscious envisions

My sight creates a face of what I made up

Though it does not fulfill my settled skin

I take a breath, step back, and deny love...

I turn my back; slowly, tingly, flowing skin...

"Looking down overwrought, all for naught

I think i thought it...I thought I thought it...

Thoroughly thought through in distraught

My minds plot fought me to slowly submit..."

I never found what I was really looking for;

a perspective face or curves from the wind

developmental drops of rain, when it poured

or a trance test of my brain gradually alluring...

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