'08 Stargazer


How is it so that you always look radiant?

Beautiful as ever being my main event

Taking each breathe away from me again

Without you there, I am left in torment

Though I feel rather safe around you,

My heart is always left with a bruise

An ache when I call which you refuse

You're not at fault when I can't snooze

My thoughts only go so far when alone

Everything becomes numb even my soul

In a state, only in my mind you're known

Yet to think you, I am all yours to control

Oh please don't vanish when I start to cry

Hold me against your soft skin to survive

You knew you were my beloved air supply

You began to fade in front of my beady eyes

Felt I was tossing around, nodding my head

Feeling cold and scared covered in my sweat

I know I heard a yell as I fell off the stiff bed

That is when I knew this dream had no end

Lost in dreamscapes, I can't locate your door

But dreaming is not as easy as it was before

And there will be many dreams I will endure

Till you're found, I don't want to wake anymore

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I never woke up...

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