'08 What was I Thinking?


Walking to my room, stumbling, thinking to myself

In the dark, turn on the light with a flick of a switch...

"But then there was this drawing, a large canvas

You and I created an art with our own bodies

Undressing each other discussing our favorite color

Slowly discovered ourselves tumbling on the sheet

Naked, rubbing ourselves with no idea how to begin

Making unique bold lines and body splashes of lust

We did not plan to draw what we were thinking

We painted our loves movement around each other

Our form displayed by our hearts desired colors"

Things have been different since the day we met

"You taste smoother than the body of my favorite wine"

Just when I thought only natures rain could get me wet

Together we were unseparable living in divine time

Remembered a day on the road heading for romance

"Watch for Curves" was read up ahead on a sign  

Immediately you were visualized in the distance

Oh what a thought that it began to ravage my mind

"Thinking of you in every way possible made me smile

I searched around the room for a photo hopelessly flying..

But then suddenly I detected a spider speeding across the tile

Remembered a comment saying you felt something crawling

I said at the time, "I wouldn't mind crawling all over you..."

This New Year took me by surprise of course, alone again

But you were the bubbles, the sparkles in my champagne

A giggled thought when you'd mention "forbidden garden"

Thinking aloud, sweating the pain, I'm lost, can't explain

In the end, your eyes rolled with a tisk as I crawled for you...

Yea.. well, those were the days, if there were any that is

I forgot what I came to my room for after those thoughts"

But with a flick of a switch, it turned me on to something

And just like that, dwelling the past, left me with nothing

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