'08 Train of Thought


There I was again taking my precious time

Here I go again ranting time with a rhyme

It's a nice calm day, somewhat partly cloudy

Kicking rocks, hands in my pocket, thinking

Now, what was the name of that street?

Was there someone I was going to meet?

I really like to take my time alone though

No interruptions, glad I'm without a phone

These days, it is hard to get around

Yet, I walk alone and try not to be found

Thinking to myself always helps me to relax

Wander off in my mind, in the middle of the tracks

Though, where does the time go when I write?

One moment it's day, then thoughts turn to night

Where does the time go when you really think?

One moment in space clouds, then, the train hits...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

...maybe the end should be, "One moment in space clouds, then back in a blink." hmm... nah! I disagree. Tell it like it is. Maybe the title should be "Train-in Thought."

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