'08 Ran Doomed Heart


Used to think it was easy to accomplish

At times you felt it when acting foolish

Doing what you could

Feeling as you should

So you felt it many many times before

Wondering what would happen when you needed more

Yes, it was easy to achieve

So easy you could not believe

But this time, it was different

You actually felt your heart chant

Was it real what you felt?

Was it real how you felt?

Not able to experience it alone

Not being able to express it alone

You received it, but did you know the cause?

You toyed with it, but did you know what it was?

As far as you knew, you were not single

For some reason, you decided to mingle

You guess you may have been very happy

But your outlook turned out to be sloppy...

In a mental cloud thinking out loud

How much pain did you really allow?

You probably gave up on love, didn't you?

Remember such grief, though without clue...

All you do is grieve and write about it

Its test, flirts, adventures and skits

You are pitiful, doomed to its aspects

You do not even know how to reflect

Someone or something will have to save your life

Open a final stage of emotion thats never seen light

Hoping to lead or help you believe in it again

To sense unforgettable, new to the passion presence...

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