'08 On A Piece of Sheet


So there I sit with all kinds of thoughts

Good, bad, happy, and sad endings

Should have been noted but I forgot

I could really write about anything

Now I must look around and observe

A picture or a memory to recollect

Just one sentence to complete a verse

or just a few verses to finish this project

I guess I'll throw everything in here

without making sense; I don't care

Maybe about last year, shedding tears

or about freaky nights just for a scare

I could write to make someone smile

Love can get to boring

I could write about something hostile

Hate can get annoying

Maybe I will never get to the point

Just rant about the same thing again

In the end lead myself to disappoint

Not many would be interested in Gorgons

As always, I am raving on right now

Choosing the internet to post my work

Hoping my next piece will raise a brow

Later to hear or read my comments with a smirk...

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